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With the integration of remote control technology, our expertise shines in accessing challenging terrain for efficient mulching, vegetation management, land clearing and firebreak creation. Our unwavering commitment to bush regeneration minimises machinery’s environmental impact on your property while ensuring access to otherwise unreachable areas, especially on steep slopes. Don’t compromise on safety – harness the capabilities of our extreme steep slope clearing machine.

Building on our extensive experience in geotechnical hazardous environments, our core specialisation is in eco-efficient remote-controlled mulcher services. We prioritise efficiency and environmental responsibility, placing your property and its natural ecosystem under our protective care. With 15+ years of experience, we prioritise hazardous condition management, robust bush regeneration and stringent risk practices for safety. At Creek2Coast, environmental preservation and wildlife conservation are integral.

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vegetation management on the sunshine coast


Access challenging terrain safely from 150m with our remote-operated mulching technology.

Vegetation Management

Able to remove overgrown vegetation and reduce density in highly built up areas surrounding your property.


Using our powerful forestry mulcher that can clear small trees and shrubs back to natural ground surface and reclaim your land value easily.


Creating a fire break on your property safeguard’s your land against the risk of wildfires. We reach 55-degree side-sloping hills where others can't.


Weed-infested areas harm native habitats. Our service enriches ecosystems, connecting waterways, parks, and trails for our communities.


Our service specialises in precise field maintenance, ensuring optimal conditions for successful plantations and crop growth.

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Discover how our specialised services can enhance your property effortlessly. Instantly boost its value by clearing fire trails, fence lines and reclaiming land; while our weed vegetation management kick-starts the bush regeneration process.

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Expert safe & responsible land management

Dedicated to safe, responsible land management

We adhere to strict safety protocols and maintain all the necessary licenses to ensure environmentally responsible land management. Creek2Coast is dedicated to the Sunshine Coast Biosphere Journey.
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Prioritising safety and compliance

We have a Health and safety management system that ensures known risks are controlled and monitored continuously. Our commitment to safety and compliance is paramount.
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